Advanced Topics in Information Retrieval and Natural Language Processing

Spring Semester 2016

The seminar will explore advanced topics in the areas of information retrieval and natural language processing. Students will select one or more papers and prepare a 30-45 min presentation in the seminar followed by discussions. You will learn to read and critically evaluate current research papers. It is expected that all students regularly participate in the seminar and the discussions.

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1 23.02.2016 Introduction Slides
2 01.03.2016 Start-up Phase
3 08.03.2016 Start-up Phase
4 15.03.2016 Distributed Representations of Words and Phrases and their Compositionality Nina Zinsli
Distributed Representations of Sentences and Documents Andreas Georgiadis
5 22.03.2016 Embedding Word Similarity with Neural Machine Translation Till Haug
Sequence to Sequence Learning with Neural Networks Partha Ghosh
6 29.03.2016 Easter Break
7 05.04.2016 Exploring Session Context using Distributed Representations of Queries and Reformulations Andrei Barsan
A Hierarchical Recurrent Encoder-Decoder for Generative Context-Aware Query Suggestion Sai Rama Rao Aitharaju
8 12.04.2016 Ad Hoc Monitoring of Vocabulary Shifts over Time Teymur Babayev
Optimizing search engines using Clickthrough Data Dejan Mircic
9 19.04.2016 Learning to Rank Short Text Pairs with Convolutional Deep Neural Networks Andreii Ihnatov
Learning to Reweight Terms with Distributed Representations Yeyao Zhang
10 26.04.2016 Multileaved Comparisons for Fast Online Evaluation Karim Labib
Bayesian Ranker Comparison based on Historical User Interactions David Frank
11 03.05.2016 An Optimization Framework for Merging Multiple Result Lists Andreas Hess
A Probabilistic Model for Information Retrieval Based on Maximum Value Distribution Bernhard Kratzwald
12 10.05.2016 Non-Compositional Term Dependence for Information Retrieval Karl Ruzsics
adaQAC: Adaptive Query Auto-Completion via Implicit Negative Feedback Xing Wei
13 17.05.2016 Search Result Diversification Based on Hierarchical Intents Ferenc Galko
14 24.05.2016 Discovering Common Motifs in Cursor Movement Data for Improving Web Search Zalan Borsos
Struggling and Success in Web Search Fabian Bissig
15 31.05.2016 Searching and Stopping: An Analysis of Stopping Rules and Strategies Moises Torres
Search Engine Click Spam Detection Based on Bipartite Graph Propagation Ivaylo Toskov


Lecturer Prof. Thomas Hofmann
Lecturer Dr. Carsten Eickhoff